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The Musician's Banner Exchange

What's this?

The purpose of Fair Exchange is to facilitate the growth of the music community by spreading awareness and enhancing the traffic of web sites in the music community.
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Do we need another banner exhange?

Back in 1996, when I started my first website, I signed on to one of the fledgling banner exchanges that claimed to serve the music community, and for many years, as my web sites grew and traffic increased, I was faithful to that banner exchange service. But, one day in early 2003, I happened to click on one of the banners served by that service and was surprised to be directed, not to the site that created that banner, but to the home page of the banner exchange.

On that first incident, I was willing to believe that I had inadvertently clicked on the wrong area of the banner (since the B**th service, formerly known as H*p*r***ner, utilized a mapped graphic to attract new partners to the service) and had thus been directed to the service homepage instead of the website that I expected to see. But, in the following weeks, I was more careful to click the appropriate area of the banner and learned that B**th was definitely stealing clicks from its partners to direct surfers to its own site and promote its own services.

Later I noticed that the misdirection wasn't always focused on the banner service homepage, but sometimes I found myself looking at a site selling piano lessons on CD or some other site that came as a surprise. Then, when I was looking at the exhange's home page, I noticed that the exchange had instituted two classes of membership: 1) a free (2:1) service for web site owners like me who were willing to trade some advertising space for an occasional banner on someone else's site and 2) a "business class" service that required the subscriber to pay $29.95 per month for a guaranteed 400 click-thrus per month. So, I started wondering, "How can the banner exchange service guarantee that there will be 400 click-thrus?" Well, the answer to that question is that they just direct click-thrus to the paying client, regardless of which banner the web surfer clicked on. That was the explanation of why I ended up looking at a site selling piano lessons when I clicked on a banner for "New York City's Greatest Big Band".

So I have abandoned that banner exchange that was using my ad space as bait to direct surfers to a site of the exchange's own choosing. And I have created an honest banner exchange service for the use and benefit of the music community. This service will serve only the music community, but will serve all sectors of that community. I will welcome artists, merchants, studios, recording companies or anybody else who works in or serves the music community.

For some time now, Fair Exchange has been serving my own sites (this one included), and membership is now open to the rest of the community, so please take advantage of this opportunity to sign up and start getting some honest promotion for your site.

The sign-up procedure is really simple. We only ask for

  1. Your email address,
  2. URL of your web site, and
  3. URL of your banner (468x60).
That's all there is to it!
Ready to get started? Just enter your e-mail address and click the button.


(If you don't have a banner, you can get one here.)

What's the payoff?

Members earn a credit each time that

  1. an ad is displayed on the member's site, or
  2. a visitor clicks on an ad that is displayed on the member's site.
Each member is entitled to have a banner ad displayed on another member's site for every two credits earned. And we'll give you 250 credits to get you started; just for signing up!. Then we'll give you an extra 100 credits at the beginning of every month, just for continuing your participation in the exchange. For every two credits in your account, we'll place your banner on a queue of ads waiting to be displayed on other sites. To see what's in the queue right now, just click here.

Update: 23 May 2006

While I was doing some routine maintenance on one of my sites this afternoon, I was surprised by a very aggravating pop-up window, generated off of a page on one of my sites. I was surprised because I don't use pop-up windows and won't affiliate with any merchant who incorporates pop-up windows in their advertising materials. (The pop-up that appeared included a new browser window and an alert message. An attempt to delete the message window generated another browser window. An attempt to delete the new browser window generated another warning message. Arghh!)

I use ad server software to manage adverting on my sites, and I had just edited the offending web page to enlarge one of the advertising slots on the page. After some investigation, I discovered that I still had banner code from the service (mentioned above) in my advertising data base. When I enlarged the advertising slot for this page, I created a slot that was just large enough to fit the Hy...ban..r format. The pop-up was something that was generated by a banner in their database.

Pop-ups like this are aggravating to the surfers that visit your web site. I don't user pop-ups and I won't serve one to your web page. If you are using that Hy..r...ner service, this is one more reason why you should replace their code with a FairExchange banner. Protect your visitors from aggravating pop-ups and protect your reputation by replacing banners with a banner from FairExchange.

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